When all the doors have slammed in your face….

20527479_1435103543243437_1244507266_nLife just has a way of showing us how to live doesn’t it? One minute we’re going along as a family of four, and all of a sudden we’re separated and no longer a family of 4 but a family of 3 and Mr. Wonderful is no longer living under the same roof as you and your kids……..

And in all this my writing came to a stand still over the last few months. My once Mr. Wonderful moved out and we separated, on very mutual terms I may add (I won’t bore you with the details though). Now, I’m focused on my Art and writing. I’ve spend countless hours delving into both and focusing on both. My book-edits had fallen so far behind in the last few months that I am ashamed to admit I’d almost given up hope I’d ever finish my final edits, but I’m almost through it now!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! I have gainfully found employment and have started art tutoring some very amazing little ones as well so life as a whole is looking very sunny. When we stop focusing on all the negatives, all those positives start shining through. It turns out that in this whole mess of me getting ill last year in March with my Neurological condition, then having to leave work and financially falling into a severe mess, then getting sicker yet, then finally figuring out this condition, now I’m separated and on being treated but the great news is – My life is turning out amazing! I am happy!!! My VM (Vestibular Migraine) is being treated and I’m having almost no issues at all now (from being in severe pains and unable to be balanced 24/7) and the ones I do have are very manageable throughout the day! I am working and I’m so excitedly focused on life and moving forward and my girls!

The doors that started slamming in my face just over a year ago, that created my personal rock bottom, threw me into a depression, created severe anxiety that I still deal with, also have opened an abundance of new exciting doors for me and my family. I am so very excited about this new and exciting road. The Universe always has our back. Even when we think we’re in the darkest of times, and we feel 100% alone, we’re truly not. When I started focusing again, during my depression in December and started holding on to my faith again, things started turning around for me. I returned to school and took some great classes that helped me find a part of myself I didn’t know was still there and also grew that part to soaring heights. I grew into who I am now and I’m so excited to see where this new life and these new adventures will lead.

Remember – just because doors are closing in our lives, doesn’t mean it’s the end – it simply means that there may be something much better waiting on the other side.

Lots of Love.

Pixie (Beatrice)


When life gives you lemons

We truly always ought to trust that the Universe has our back. Have faith in the fact that we’re NEVER EVER handed more than we can handle. Even when situations seem hopeless, there’s a light. Receiving small signs (or big ones) is often a way that we’re shown.

I was frustrated this last week. I had the hardest time hanging on to my faith. But I did it. I trusted and I knew that if I just kept hanging on and believing that things would get better.
I received a few very precious gifts this weekend, they were signs from the Universe though also, I knew when I received them, that things would be ok. One tiny baby step at a time.

No, I am not allowed to work outside the house right now. No, I may not run around and be my busy normal self, that literally LOVES to run and do busy things (I bartended for a living before I had to come home) BUT I am able to be here at home, focusing as best as I can on myself & taking that breather that my body is screaming, so desperately for in all this turmoil.

The Universe tends to show us in many forms that things are ok. That WE ARE OK, even when life seems completely out of whack and overwhelming. Remember that ultimately the universe is always giving you love. If you’re not ready to receive, you won’t. Be honest with yourself and about the questions you have in life. Are you willing to change? Cultivate a true desire to hear from the universe. Be willing to accept the answers no matter how or through whom they come. Sometimes it’s a simple text from a dear friend or family member, checking in on you or simply to say that they love you. Sometimes it’s simply KNOWING that you have to believe in the ability to work through these things with the help of the Universe (or any God of your understanding). Sometimes the signs are books dropping into your lap or a quote that pops up on Facebook.

Recognizing and receiving help through signs depends on willingness, earnest seeking, and just plain listening. The universe is always here to help us, so let it help, and pay attention to what it is telling you.


Pixie xo


Some thoughts, news and a request for help!

So Ipexels-photo-4 finally broke down this morning and created a Facebook page for my blog and my arts. I don’t share much of the artistic stuff here on my blog so if you’d like to check that part out, I’ll be posting more of that on my Facebook Page.

My lovely editor has informed me, she’s still diligently working on my book for it to be ready for my final review before publishing earlier in the Year. “The Nook Book” will be available for ebook and printed purchases and I’ll make sure to do some prize packs on it as the time draws closer too!

The Nook-Book is a small inspirational coffee-table or night stand book that is filled with simple daily inspirations to fill your spiritual self with loads of love at the start of each day or simply for when your soul needs a dash of extra Love. I started writing that book during NaNoWriMo 2015 and proceeded to only get one simple copy printed for myself as proof that I COULD indeed write a book. After many revisions and long hours pouring over my words and adding, removing and adding a little more love, I finally send it over to my editors a few weeks ago.

My goal is to work on the cover design this upcoming week and share some of my drawings as I’m working on that with you as I come up with ideas. But I’d LOVE your input!!! What would you like to see on the book cover? I’ll draw the designs and share as your thoughts come in!

Thank you in advance and I’m excited to work on this project with you.


Pixie !!!