Finding your Inner Guide among all the other Voices

I speak in much more detail about this in my upcoming book “The Nook-Book” though I love sharing a few tidbits as we approach the release of my book in a few months.

I have a few things I do to get through my days and weeks with relative ease. Finding time for me and my personal space otherwise gets forgotten about. So here are some of the things I do to get through my weeks without any real struggle and extra added peace.


  1. I mediate every single night. Sometimes I take several minutes several times a day to breathe, find my center and also then in turn find my loving space again. That space where my ~Ing is close to me and my heart is open to receive and give love again


  1. I journal. I have for several years and I’m very diligent about this practice. My journals have become my best friends, my companions, my know-it-alls. They have my planners, notes, book notes, blog post thoughts and plans, business plans and life schedule in them.


  1. I work out my weekly plan at the very end of the last week. normally I aim for Sundays but sometimes Saturdays is the day I land up doing this as well. I work out my work schedule for my job first as that’s not decided by me, then I fill in the kids’ and hubby’s plans in different colors (yes, I love colors) and then last I fill in my writing and sketching hours for that week. I aim to achieve 10-20 each week. It’s a good goal for me and works well for my family at this point. After all I have tons of goals to achieve if one day this is all I want to be doing.


  1. Cuddle. I seriously cuddle. My husband, my kids, my pets, my friends. I love cuddles. It’s really not a secret that cuddling makes a person feel good. Right!?! It makes us feel safe, cozy, warm, and like someone else has the reigns for just a bit. Cuddling also releases Oxytocin. Ocytocin does everything from help you feel good to helping you feel more connected to others. Cuddling also boosts your immune system. Honestly, aside from my snuggles and hugging habits I believe this may be why I almost never actually get sick. Cuddling reduces stress as well so if you’re having a rough day, snuggle up and feel the tension ease bringing you yet again closer to love and your Inner Guide.


Our Inner Guides, also known as the “True mind” is the part of us that sees the world as whole. Sees all as one. But as you’re getting to know her. How do you know if you’ve heard correctly (or even at all?!). My personal guidance often comes in several forms, sometimes it’s just a gut feeling, others it’s blurbs of images. For some it’s an “AHA moment”. Even though it was a feeling, I recognized it as my inner guide speaking to me because of the rightness of it. That is, when I thought of doing what it was telling me I needed to do, I knew it was the correct thing even though it seemed pretty crazy at the time.

Sometimes I can “hear” her. In my mind of course. Through meditation I came to learn that my Inner Guide can have a real voice. The trouble is recognizing her from all the others. Recognizing she’s the right one to listen to. Truly, it’s only when you start paying attention that you realize how much unneeded and useless chatter goes on in our heads.

I started meditating after a bit of a rough patch a number of years back. I’d started as simple as just finding several minutes where I’d attempt to shut down the chatter and just be. The hard part was finding my Inner Guide in all the chatter. I recognized my main voice (myself) right away as those were my conscious thoughts. What should I make for dinner? What else do I need to do today? Who do I need to call?” the list went on and on. My main voice had no idea how to quiet the rest of them. She was quite lost on that count to be truthful with you. I’d drift and allow all those chatter boxes to keep chattering until eventually I would realize my mind(s) had drifted and my main voice would rise up in frustration and scream “SHUT THE HECK UP ALREADY”! (Which by the way, doesn’t help!)

And this is exactly what makes mediation so difficult, is to quiet the mind and only allow your Inner Guide to speak up. The whole idea is to quiet your mind. Yet just as you get one voice to shut up, the others laugh and keep going, which makes you feel completely powerless.

Eventually, one day though, those voices just stopped. I am not certain how, I believe now in the aftermath it was simply practice. Letting them chatter but not wallowing on any of what was said. Just letting the thoughts drift by without judgement or investigating further. Once I was able to stop the voices, I started practicing at keeping it that way. I was able to hear Her. Her, being my Inner Guide. She comes through as an authorative voice. I can ask questions and she’ll answer. Sometimes just a word or two other times it’s a bit longer. Still, hearing Her makes me realize I’m on the right path. So how can you know you’re hearing your Inner Guide and aren’t imagining things at random? I can only speak for myself, but the voice of my Inner Guide seems to speak much slower than any other voice that is in my head. When my conscious mind is free from the clutter of the egoic mind, I can very clearly hear and sense the distinction between the me who’s asking the question and the I who is providing the answers. The answerer is very no nonsense and it always provides the one true answer that I know is exactly right. Therefore I can only explain it to you in somewhat of a riddle:  You’ll know for sure if you’re hearing your inner guide only when you actually know for sure that you’re hearing your inner guide! In other words, if you’re not sure, then it’s probably not your inner guide speaking.

It’s also important to note that the inner guide doesn’t always answer right away. In fact, I don’t typically expect answers at all at the time I ask my questions. I generally believe they’ll come to me later either as a sign (such as hearing about a certain book from multiple sources) or through allowing my inner guide to literally lead me through my day. I’ve also found that the more I allow for that to happen, the fewer questions I feel the need to ask in my meditations.

Love, Pixie xo