On peace

In early 2016 I became ill. I suddenly woke up dizzy one morning and was nauseated. What I didn’t know that day is that this was when my life would forever change.

A whirlwind started, of tests and trying to figure out why I could no longer stay on my feet, balance myself and why I was in pain. Why I couldn’t be mom or live the life I had lived until that point. After months, I was diagnosed with Vestibular disorder and vestibular migraines. With research I found out many with this disabling condition don’t work and this is what I was told. I would never work again due to the severity of my condition and I’d be home on disability for the rest of my life. Oh…. this was not working for me. I’ve told this story. I’ll tell it again. I’ll always tell it… why?! Because I see so much pain!! I see people afraid of change. I see people afraid of faith. And I see people afraid of miracles.

I trusted in all three with all my being. And I dove in head first and made change after change. I remove the things that make me sick, my triggers, and kept what didn’t. I still do. Every day I learn more. I read and study myself and the brain and this condition. Each case is different but the whole of it is the same. This will be a lifetime commitment but I am committed to a well lived life not just an existence. I have faith and I believe in miracles. Between all three of these, I have my life as much in control as any of us ever will. I have good days but I also have bad. But the bad days don’t knock me off my feet now as much as they used to. I take them in strides, take stock of what happened and usually know why I am sick those days.

Please believe in yourself and most of all in miracles and have faith that you are guided.

I wish you all the peace and love you need to fight your battles. Know you can get through this!