When I started selling my art…

When I decided to start sharing my art ,a piece of me left with each of them that left my home. My heart smiles and skips a beat each time i see my work in someone’s home or see someone hold it and smile at their commissioned painting or drawing for the first time. This in itself is exactly why I love my art and why I pour myself over my desk or easel for hours and hours, putting a bit of myself into each piece I create on canvas or on paper.

When an artist gifts or sells you their art, know that you now have a special piece in your possession. It’s not a print. Not a copy. It’s something that they spend hours over creating. Know that this has some of their love and passion in it. Know that their desire to make the world beautiful, creative and a little colourful and thought provoking is now in your possession no matter how small that piece.

For many of us we struggle to let go of some pieces, sometimes they never leave our studios or homes, other pieces we sell or gift when we can and allow them to be on wish lists for those we love and care about.

I’ve worked on numerous commissioned art works over the last few years that have won my heart and each time I finish its bitter sweet to see them leave, though each time I hope they will be treasured and loved. If ever they are no longer loved I truly wish for them to be returned to me or to another person that would value them.

Art is my passion, my first and forever love. A way for me to shed all emotions and feelings into paper or canvas. This is how an artist shares through paint, charcoal, graphite or whatever their medium, be it music or writing!

With love,

Pixie xo