Marc and Angel Hack Life – Pixie’s thoughts

I was reading an article by Marc and Angel this evening (I get these daily). I adore their articles. These two just know how to lift up a gloomy day and say things how they are. Anyways, this article was about unhappy people and the things they don’t admit to themselves. Have you met the type, they are always negative, and have not a whole lot of positive to say?!

Well, in this article Marc and Angel discussed the things that unhappy people don’t admit to themselves and I admit, we all have bad days. As a matter of fact we’re all allowed bad days, but we don’t have to move into that mindset, always blaming others for our negativity and always being in that bad spot. Life is beautiful and there is so many beautiful things and moments and if we’re always unhappy and miserable we will miss them all.

Holding on to grudges is another thing they discussed in their article. Isn’t it funny, I just discussed this with someone today. I strongly believe grudges are the silliest thing. I get irritable with people and there is a person or two that always tend to rub me the wrong way. But the I remind myself “I choose to see this with Love”. Normally that little mantra is enough to redirect my thinking. Their way of life, their attitude and their behavior is not about me, nor is it my problem. I can react and respond in a very positive and light filled manner. Be the light you wish to see. I promise, this is not an easy task, and there is is, like I said a person or two, that make me struggle with this, but most people don’t make this difficult for me. Be positive and respond in a positive manner to their bad mannerisms and behaviors and I promise you will be much happier for it.

The final point that I want to touch on that was on their list, is that unhappy people avoid themselves. What is meant here is that they are never fully present. They over indulge in social media, TV , shopping, food, booze, tabloids….. the list goes on, but the point is they are never fully present with just themselves. Being alone means truly dealing with our feelings, and unhappy people will distract by any means to not face those at any cost, so they avoid. Have you sat in total solitude recently? Meditated in peace, sat with


your journal and simply spend time with you? Why don’t you just notice your emotions without judgement, because life is too short to not enjoy and love yourself and learn from yourself. After all, if you’re not truly in tune with who you are… how will you ever expect to grow?


Love, Pixie (Beatrice


Releasing the pent up energy

Love is seriously all there is when the Universe is convinced that everyone of your strengths has to be tested at once. I’ve been tested and tested again in the last year and a half and I keep shaking it off and moving forward because really, that is all we have.

Life is a full of ups and downs and I can’t stop repeating that we all have our moments. We are allowed to have those. We are human, full of emotion. But we also need to have healthy outlets. Certain ways to channel those emotions in a healthy and positive maner.

What are your outlets? What I mean is, how do you wind down? How do you let go of that pent up stress, frustration, energy? I want to talk to you a little about utilizing art for this and using your mind creatively to do so. Everyone is creative in their own way. Just because we were once told we weren’t doesn’t mean we aren’t. We all have an inner artist, we just have to allow that artist to breathe a little. Art isn’t about painting the Mona Lisa or the next Picasso – Art is beauty, passion, and emotion. It doesn’t even have to be on paper or canvas.

I’ve used various forms of art all my life, between music (singing, guitar and simply listing to others perform), painting, drawing, writing, multimedia art, I’ve utilized various forms of artwork as outlets in my day to day life and all have brought me incredible peace. You don’t have to be trained in any form of art to receive its benefits. There are many ways you can express your emotions into creative art:

  • through music – singing, dancing, playing an instrument
  • writing – short stories, journaling, poetry etc.
  • art – drawing, painting, sculptures etc.
  • drama theater groups

There are virtually endless ways you can creatively express anxiety, sadness, loneliness, or anger and transform that emotion into something original and useful. Slap some paint onto a blank canvas,  doodle some lines with markers, use pots and pans for drums (remember we did this as kids?!) . Don’t worry about coloring in the lines or having a rhythm or carrying a tune. Just go for it!

Don’t judge your creative work – just get involved in it! The point is to turn a potentially destructive emotion into a constructive activity by using an activity you enjoy!

Love, Pixie (Beatrice)


When I say “I’m fine” & some evening thoughts

Many of us that live with Chronic pain will often answer the same way when asked how we’re doing “We’re fine”. Most of us don’t do it to lie or to hide the truth from those we love and care about, rather many people assume that when you look OK then you must be doing OK. We also hide our pain well and we do this mostly for our  own comfort as much as for yours I imagine. For myself personally, I’ve simply come to move beyond and just putter along my day to day focusing on the tasks needing to be done versus where my physical self is at.

I’ve lost a lot of weight due to my medication (to the tune of 40 + pounds). I am forever complimented at how great I look and how much I’ve changed. The other day I was asked if I have been working out lots. Most people would be thrilled about this, I am not though, I feel drained quite often. On top of the constant and various forms and levels of pain that I deal with on a daily basis, I am often tired and I don’t feel healthy like I used to before all this. I am no longer able to be bouncy and all over the place as I used to be. So when I’m asked how I’m doing instead of giving the constant explanations, I rather answer “I’m fine”. Most of us have our own reasons for doing this, I do it to protect myself emotionally mostly, and also to spare others at the same time. I don’t want people feeling badly for me because each time I tend to be honest they do feel bad, so I’ve simply come to keep the answer short.

Some days I feel better than others and there is nothing I can do about this. All I can do is take it as it is and move forward.

I’ve been doing much better than I was even 5 months ago and I’m so very grateful for that. The medication I am currently taking has stabilized me and given me a little more freedom again, to where my life is mostly back to normal versus where I was basically locked to my couch and unable to do a lot of things without help because I had too many bad days. And yes, I smile through chronic pain. Yes, I laugh through chronic pain. So yes do please ask me how I’m doing, but also know that I may not always be up front with the answer or give you a different one than you may expect.

19961379_1425208140899644_7837327881646711673_nAll of this said though, my VM has made me a happier person as a whole. I am more creative than I was before because I simply am pushed to sit and stay sitting for longer periods. I don’t have much control over my pain but I do have control over how I react to it and how I choose to deal with it as it comes. I can be miserable and moody, or I can take care of myself in those situations and hours as I need to as best as I can. (<—-I’m still learning this.)

The only person that will be able to control or is ever responsible for my happiness will be me, so when I am in pain and as I live with my chronic VM – I will take this one day at a time, one anxiety attack at a time and one VM-attack at a time, because that’s the only way to make it day to day with smiles and giggles. This is my life and it’s perfect as it is. There is no need for things to be different, this too has lessons to be learned. The thing is though….

Not all of them have yet been revealed……


Pixie (Beatrice)