Love & Support

“Pain is not a sign of weakness, but bearing it alone is a choice to grow weak.” ~Lori Deschene

I am so utterly overwhelmed with love this morning. Love of friends and family. With me being ill things have been quite tough for our family, but I do try hard to remember that the Universe does have our back.

This morning my thoughts kept returning to words I’d written in the past, during NaNoWriMo last year. They are going to be in my book once published as well. In times of need it is incredibly hard to ask those we love for help. By nature I am a very independent woman and I pride myself in doing things on my own. During this time it’s become clear that I do need help to make it through this. Daily my head is in more pain and daily I feel fainter and more dizzy. I can feel the changes and with that I lose sleep as I lay in bed worrying.

A friend of mine said something really wise to me the other day “We should never wish to live a life without obstacles, rather we should hope that we can face and overcome them with grace and integrity”

This experience of being ill and not really knowing WHY or WHAT, has caused me to rely on others and has taught me that we’re not meant to be in pain alone. We have those who love us deeply for guidance and support. It’s been painful, on not only a physical level but also an emotional one to have my independence pulled out right under my feet. I pride myself in doing things and getting things done, so the last thing I ever wanted to do was ask for help.

I’m not an expert on this topic (if such an expert exists!) so the only thing I can do is share with you my own experience. It’s hard to get our minds to start trusting. But the Universe will only give you as much as you can handle. Sometimes it may seem like too much but believe me She’s got this! She’s got your back! And if you ever doubt her, drop to your knees and surrender all in Prayer. All of it will become clear, ask for help if you need it. the help may come in different forms, sometimes it may be a call from a friend, other times it may be a book that randomly falls into your hands, then there is times where it simply could be a letter in the mail or a post even that you see on Facebook. But I promise, if you ask for help, it will show up. you just have to be observant and accept the help as it comes to guide you.

Whenever we feel like we’re stuck in life it’s because we let our Ego come forward and forgot to live in Love. She’s sneaky, remember?! So whenever you feel stuck, remember there is a way to get unstuck when you call on Love. Just ask yourself this ” Where is the Love” whenever you’re feeling in a rut or life has thrown too many curveballs. ! Search your mind for all loving outcomes, thoughts, and circumstances. Make a mental list or whip our your journal and jot it down. Accept and commit to your new perception.

I’ve been reminded numerous times now during this time that there are two parts to service: giving and receiving. That means somebody has to be on the receiving end. Somebody has to ask for help. Somebody has to say, “I can’t do this alone.”

I dream of a world where we all ask for help when we need it.

A world where we understand it’s weakness not strength that binds us. A world where we see true strength and humility is about knowing when to ask for help. A world where we understand we were never meant to suffer through pain on our own.

My sweet friend started a GoFundMe page for my family, if you’d like to read more about my story and maybe share and send lots of good energies I would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you for all your love

Beatrice (Pixie) xo

Here is the Link – Financial Pains due to Illness



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