Finding miracles in the tougher days

I have been dealing with a crazy, long lasting form of vertigo since the early spring. It causes severe headaches, nausea, dizziness and recently I’ve also started feeling very faint and get blurred vision to the point of fearing I may lose consciousness. 10458904_10153384525588707_1335691721489162089_n

I know this is somehow all part of the Universe’s plan for me. She always has a plan even when we don’t understand and it’s all feeling hopeless and confusing. There is a plan. One we will never be in control of. Sometimes when one door closes one will open that has a much better path and future than you had imagined for yourself. For myself, maybe because I can’t work right now, because I am stuck at home, maybe it means I’m to focus on my arts, maybe it means I’m forgetting myself, or maybe it’s a way to remind me that there is always more to life than bills and day to day!

Those days, and they’ve come quite often in the last six months, where I feel lost, and pray to be shown the way, who to speak to and what to say. Those days, I feel mostly at peace after sitting in meditation for a few minutes. Letting love wash over me and remembering that I’m always guided, always shown a better way and never left to fight battles I can’t handle.

I know this time is a bit tougher and adjustments are needed but I know with patience and a lot more time in meditation (whether they be active or passive) I will find what the purpose of this is and I will find my way through.




Image – Gabrielle Bernstein – Miracles Now


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