Little Lessons

As you know I’ve been dealing with some medical issues the last 6 months, most of that has kept me in my house more often than not, but I’m still smiling.

One morning this week, as I’d started my journaling I started listening and mentally searching for small miracles. I found them so easily, 3 of them, giggling and playing by 6:30 am. My niece came for a visit and is just overly thrilled to be hanging out with my girls whenever she comes to play.

The love 3 young girls have for each others company is a beauty to observe. The childlike ease that makes all irritants void and simply them being in the moment of their sparkly, little happy bubbles.

We can learn from that. Children tend to approach life and live with a more, well childlike attitude, than us adults.  They embrace the beauty around them, they stop and smell the roses. . Playing with their trucks or dolls, they simply are in that space. Eating their meals, they simply focus on just that for the moment.

Adults tend to let all the day-to-day things get into our minds and let those control our moods and thoughts, we forget that there is the option of mindfully eating and simply being in that space, not worrying about the next item on our to-do-list for just ten minutes.  Why worry about tomorrow when tomorrow is not here yet? You are here, now, in this moment. Just open your eyes and really see what happens  to you and all around you. Notice the beauty that you are and notice how far you have come.

We can learn to be more accepting of those around us. Children tend to see everybody through their innocent and beautiful eyes, and they see everybody as being special and unique and that’s exactly what we all are it’s just that our lenses are too dirty and we can no longer see reality as clearly as children do. We lost that as we grew up and learned to judge and not love so easily. This week I challenge you to try and just admire the world and people you encounter a little more with the eyes of a child. Maybe make some notes in your journal about the beauty around you.

Most of our lives is spend chasing happiness, but when we stop and think and watch for just a small moment. Children don’t chase happiness, they simply are in the present moment of their lives and just enjoy those simple things.

These little creatures always tend to find the bright side of everything, which is a wonderful human trait that we eventually lose while growing up.

Don’t forget how beautiful the world is and if it’s still hard for you to see the little details that make our days so magical and interesting, spend some time with a child and try to see the world through their little eyes.


“When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.” ~ Winston Churchill


What are things you’ve learned from children?

Please feel free to share them in the comments


With Love,

Pixie xo








NaNoWriMo 2016 ~ Gearing up to write



National Novel Writing Month began back in 1999 and has taken place each year during the month of November.

Starting on November 1st, participants from all over the world embark on a challenge to write a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days. The challenge is simple: Don’t start writing until November 1st, and finish writing at least 50,000 words by midnight on November 30th.

NaNoWriMo’s Mission Statement:

“National Novel Writing Month believes in the transformational power of creativity. We provide the structure, community, and encouragement to help people find their voices, achieve creative goals, and build new worlds—on and off the page.”

Last year was my first year participating in this fun exciting challenge. Following November, I polished and cleaned up my Manuscript and it is now in my Editors’ hands.

Preparing a novel or any book for that matter, is a crap-ton of work. Let’s not just assume it’s a matter of opening a blank page in Word and hammering out 50.000 words. NOPE – it takes a lot of patience and just as many GRRRRRRR moments.

I didn’t prepare for my writing last year and being a planner it really, really made for a challenge. This year, being off work due to illness and also having had time to prepare, I’m working on outlining my Novel BEFORE I get to November 1st! Over the past week, I have been scouring the web as well as the NaNoWriMo forums on the hunt for resources and information to help me prepare.

Start now. NaNo is 9 days away and we need to make sure that we’re ready to go even if we’re just pantsing it this year.

Check out pantser rather than a plotter to see if you’re a pantser or a plotter. 

What I mean is to start your character sketches, especially those for protagonist and antagonist, hero and heroine, major characters and important second bananas. It means thinking about possible scenes. It means plotting and imagining your setting. Even if you’re a pantser, at least consider doing some scene sketches.

The good news is, you never have to stick to your outline. The characters may run a different route all together. The point is to get some of the thinking and planning and plotting done ahead of time.

And get your binge Netflix watching in now because come November 1st those hours will be gone. Use the two and three hours in front of the computer or TV at night to write instead.

I encourage you to try NaNo this year. If no one else is there to cheer for you, know that I am. I know you can do it.

You can devote yourself to story this November.

Lots of love and happy Plotting!

Pixie xo



Finding miracles in the tougher days

I have been dealing with a crazy, long lasting form of vertigo since the early spring. It causes severe headaches, nausea, dizziness and recently I’ve also started feeling very faint and get blurred vision to the point of fearing I may lose consciousness. 10458904_10153384525588707_1335691721489162089_n

I know this is somehow all part of the Universe’s plan for me. She always has a plan even when we don’t understand and it’s all feeling hopeless and confusing. There is a plan. One we will never be in control of. Sometimes when one door closes one will open that has a much better path and future than you had imagined for yourself. For myself, maybe because I can’t work right now, because I am stuck at home, maybe it means I’m to focus on my arts, maybe it means I’m forgetting myself, or maybe it’s a way to remind me that there is always more to life than bills and day to day!

Those days, and they’ve come quite often in the last six months, where I feel lost, and pray to be shown the way, who to speak to and what to say. Those days, I feel mostly at peace after sitting in meditation for a few minutes. Letting love wash over me and remembering that I’m always guided, always shown a better way and never left to fight battles I can’t handle.

I know this time is a bit tougher and adjustments are needed but I know with patience and a lot more time in meditation (whether they be active or passive) I will find what the purpose of this is and I will find my way through.




Image – Gabrielle Bernstein – Miracles Now

Finding your Inner Guide among all the other Voices

I speak in much more detail about this in my upcoming book “The Nook-Book” though I love sharing a few tidbits as we approach the release of my book in a few months.

I have a few things I do to get through my days and weeks with relative ease. Finding time for me and my personal space otherwise gets forgotten about. So here are some of the things I do to get through my weeks without any real struggle and extra added peace.


  1. I mediate every single night. Sometimes I take several minutes several times a day to breathe, find my center and also then in turn find my loving space again. That space where my ~Ing is close to me and my heart is open to receive and give love again


  1. I journal. I have for several years and I’m very diligent about this practice. My journals have become my best friends, my companions, my know-it-alls. They have my planners, notes, book notes, blog post thoughts and plans, business plans and life schedule in them.


  1. I work out my weekly plan at the very end of the last week. normally I aim for Sundays but sometimes Saturdays is the day I land up doing this as well. I work out my work schedule for my job first as that’s not decided by me, then I fill in the kids’ and hubby’s plans in different colors (yes, I love colors) and then last I fill in my writing and sketching hours for that week. I aim to achieve 10-20 each week. It’s a good goal for me and works well for my family at this point. After all I have tons of goals to achieve if one day this is all I want to be doing.


  1. Cuddle. I seriously cuddle. My husband, my kids, my pets, my friends. I love cuddles. It’s really not a secret that cuddling makes a person feel good. Right!?! It makes us feel safe, cozy, warm, and like someone else has the reigns for just a bit. Cuddling also releases Oxytocin. Ocytocin does everything from help you feel good to helping you feel more connected to others. Cuddling also boosts your immune system. Honestly, aside from my snuggles and hugging habits I believe this may be why I almost never actually get sick. Cuddling reduces stress as well so if you’re having a rough day, snuggle up and feel the tension ease bringing you yet again closer to love and your Inner Guide.


Our Inner Guides, also known as the “True mind” is the part of us that sees the world as whole. Sees all as one. But as you’re getting to know her. How do you know if you’ve heard correctly (or even at all?!). My personal guidance often comes in several forms, sometimes it’s just a gut feeling, others it’s blurbs of images. For some it’s an “AHA moment”. Even though it was a feeling, I recognized it as my inner guide speaking to me because of the rightness of it. That is, when I thought of doing what it was telling me I needed to do, I knew it was the correct thing even though it seemed pretty crazy at the time.

Sometimes I can “hear” her. In my mind of course. Through meditation I came to learn that my Inner Guide can have a real voice. The trouble is recognizing her from all the others. Recognizing she’s the right one to listen to. Truly, it’s only when you start paying attention that you realize how much unneeded and useless chatter goes on in our heads.

I started meditating after a bit of a rough patch a number of years back. I’d started as simple as just finding several minutes where I’d attempt to shut down the chatter and just be. The hard part was finding my Inner Guide in all the chatter. I recognized my main voice (myself) right away as those were my conscious thoughts. What should I make for dinner? What else do I need to do today? Who do I need to call?” the list went on and on. My main voice had no idea how to quiet the rest of them. She was quite lost on that count to be truthful with you. I’d drift and allow all those chatter boxes to keep chattering until eventually I would realize my mind(s) had drifted and my main voice would rise up in frustration and scream “SHUT THE HECK UP ALREADY”! (Which by the way, doesn’t help!)

And this is exactly what makes mediation so difficult, is to quiet the mind and only allow your Inner Guide to speak up. The whole idea is to quiet your mind. Yet just as you get one voice to shut up, the others laugh and keep going, which makes you feel completely powerless.

Eventually, one day though, those voices just stopped. I am not certain how, I believe now in the aftermath it was simply practice. Letting them chatter but not wallowing on any of what was said. Just letting the thoughts drift by without judgement or investigating further. Once I was able to stop the voices, I started practicing at keeping it that way. I was able to hear Her. Her, being my Inner Guide. She comes through as an authorative voice. I can ask questions and she’ll answer. Sometimes just a word or two other times it’s a bit longer. Still, hearing Her makes me realize I’m on the right path. So how can you know you’re hearing your Inner Guide and aren’t imagining things at random? I can only speak for myself, but the voice of my Inner Guide seems to speak much slower than any other voice that is in my head. When my conscious mind is free from the clutter of the egoic mind, I can very clearly hear and sense the distinction between the me who’s asking the question and the I who is providing the answers. The answerer is very no nonsense and it always provides the one true answer that I know is exactly right. Therefore I can only explain it to you in somewhat of a riddle:  You’ll know for sure if you’re hearing your inner guide only when you actually know for sure that you’re hearing your inner guide! In other words, if you’re not sure, then it’s probably not your inner guide speaking.

It’s also important to note that the inner guide doesn’t always answer right away. In fact, I don’t typically expect answers at all at the time I ask my questions. I generally believe they’ll come to me later either as a sign (such as hearing about a certain book from multiple sources) or through allowing my inner guide to literally lead me through my day. I’ve also found that the more I allow for that to happen, the fewer questions I feel the need to ask in my meditations.

Love, Pixie xo

Sketching, Writing, oh my….

I’ve been quite busy sketching up some tattoos this last week that I was asked to draw. I never intended for my writing or sketching to become something I’d do as an income, but here we are.

I’ve been enjoying this newer part of my life, as it’s been allowing me to actively meditate and find myself within my arts.

Active meditations are those that involve actions but then are followed by quiet. Meditation can be done in either Active or Passive ways. I most often live life in an active meditation. Where you achieve stillness, and peace through every day activities by simply focusing on your breath within that time. You can do so while grocery shopping, drawing, writing, reading. This form of meditation is perfect for those of us that are forever chronically multitasking.

Here’s a lovely explanation from ShareCare :

 Like all things, learning to focus your mind takes practice (practice, practice). Focusing on nothing is much more difficult than focusing on one thing. We have to start with getting our minds to focus on one thing for a short amount of time before we try to get it to focus on one thing for a longer period of time.

Over time, I have learned to focus on simply observing my thoughts without getting caught up in the stream of consciousness, but only for a short period of time. Maybe someday I will learn to focus on nothing. I share this only to say that meditation is tough work. It’s no wonder that so many people give up after trying only a few times.

Active meditation, on the other hand, gives you something specific on which to focus, something you can experience with your sense in real time. Active meditation is simply focusing your mind on the activity that you are performing right now and not thinking about anything else. For example, right now I can focus on the movement of my fingers, their speed, and how the keys feel as I push each one. In turn, I cannot meditate while typing this article because my mind is split, also considering the words I write and what next thought I want to share.

Signs You Have A Writing Hangover #writers #amwriting

Signs You Have A Writing Hangover #writers #amwriting

I have finished my manuscript. My edits anyways. I did the original, trashed, edited, moved, and now send it to my Editor to be in her loving hands for her edits.

I’m feeling hungover though. It’s been a years worth of work in the process of writing, editing, revising and not giving up on this dream of publishing AND printing my first “official” book.

I’ve been up late hours, feeling exhilarated and a little sweaty after long writing and editing sessions, but it’s slowly coming together. This afternoon, after having spend a final 2 hours before finally succumbing and sending this manuscript off, I’m feeling a “writing-hangover”.

Definition – A writing hangover is the body’s response to what we in the trade call a ‘creative overload’.

Here is a beautiful list of symptoms provided by @blondewritemore.
I am surely feeling all of these now and am going to need to breathe, then write to cure my “hangover”



Signs of a Writing Hangover

Photo Credit: StockSnap

Last night you were at it (writing) for hours. When you finally stopped you were exhausted and a little sweaty. It was a wild and exhilarating writing session, which left you feeling satisfied creatively afterwards. So why today do you feel so rough?

Chances are you are suffering from a ‘writing hangover’. Check out the handy symptom list below to see whether you are suffering from a ‘writing hangover’.

Definition – A writing hangover is the body’s response to what we in the trade call a ‘creative overload’.

The body cannot cope with an overload of creativity.

Too much creativity and the next morning you will be suffering.

Here is the list of known symptoms. Tick all those that apply.

1.  Your mouth feels like a desert and your tongue feels like a cactus.

2.  Your eyelids are droopy or in some extreme cases – slightly puffy.

3. …

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