Thirty inspirational thoughts for my thirtieth

1. Smile. A lot. Your smile will make your day much better
2.don’t ignore mortality. Love, you never know how much time you’ll have left. So live fully now.
3.make a bucket list.
4.Keep your faith in love ambitious. Be audacious. Be authentic brutally honest with yourself. No you can’t always speak your truth to others but you never have to hide your truth from yourself. it holds you back from your true self.
7. look after your body, mind and soul
8. Surround yourself with people who make you want to better yourself. Pick those who inspire you who make you want to thrive and learn and grow as a person.
9. get rid of or spend less time with the negative nellies. You can help and support but don’t let them drag you down.
10. Make new friends. You’re never too old to make new friends.  Regularity socialize and meet new people.
11. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes.
12. Care for the friendships and relationships you have. Don’t take those loves in your life for granted. Value them. Cherish them. Not through words but actions. their love for you is not and given,  nor absolute. It’s a privilege.  Respect it.
13. appreciate solitude and cultivate your relationship with yourself. Give your mind a chance to speak to you and get to know yourself.
14. keep your glass half full. Always.
15. infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen
16.. Take pleasure in the little things.
17. read books. Read for pleasure. Read for knowledge. 
18. Cultivate confidence that is unreliant of others opinion of you
19.look fear in the eye. Don’t stay in your comfort zone.
20. take risks for the things that matter.
21. Don’t go too easy on yourself. Hold yourself accountable in your life.  Use selfdiscipline and hold yourself accountable
22. don’t berate yourself for what’s done. Learn from your mistake and move on.
23. Stewing in negativity and regret I’d pointless
24. Don’t do things to prove anything to others. Do them because they matter to you.
love life. Stop envying. Focus on the life you have and make it better.
25. You are never too old to set abother goal or dream. – c.s. Lewis
26.  accept the challenges so you can feel the exhilaration of victory. – George s. Patton
27. journal. It will change your life.
28.. don’t let the small things in life control how you’re feeling. You then give some outside power control over your happiness.
29. If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards.
30. and never ever settle for mediocre achievements. Good enough is not good enough!!!! Don’t just settle because you think you’re doing better than others or because you’re meeting society’s standards of what success looks like. Achievements are not about money. Whatever it is judge it by how you feel about it. Not by society’s opinion of it. If it makes you feel accomplished and makes your heart sing it is true success. Aim for things that feel like true achievements for you.


Woah 11000 words and counting in my coffee table book!!!

I wrote a chapter at length about this for my book. (which by the way I’d love some title hints !!!) I am now at more than 11000 words and for my first draft I am aiming at somewhere around 50,000, which means as the editing comes in it’ll increase a bit in size I imagine. I am quite fond of how it’s coming along, there is a lot of heart going into these chapters, all are very carefully thought through and I’ve used a lot of great wisdom and lessons I’ve been taught and have learned over the years to share along and throughout. The book I’m writing will be quite sweet in a way that you can pick it up, read a chapter for sparkly inspiration and then put it back on your coffee table until the next day. I am truly excited about it.

Sometimes life takes us down some challenging roads for a reason. Reasons usually fairly unknown to us initially but when the light bulb does go off and we catch on to what our TRUE reason for living is and our mission ought to be, it all of a sudden becomes seriously beautiful and full of sparkles, no matter how many stressful, anxious moments you face along the way there is that deep joy ┬áthat comes from faith. Faith that the Universe does have your back and will always provide you with all the things you need to succeed, if you’re just willing to watch for the signs.

The Universe tends to always be ready for us, no matter how much time we spend doddling or not staying on a specific road, it’s always there waiting patiently with our destined plan. When we’re ready and willing it’s there to guide us and send us the assistance we need giving us the hints and wisdom to follow our dreams. Along the way, just remember to not let your ego get in the way and make tons of roadblocks preventing you from recognizing even that mistakes can be beautiful lessons that can be used to grow towards amazing heights in your spirituality and towards your goals. If you can remember to keep your faith and keep looking towards Love, then this really stressful stretch in your life will become a stretch of great lessons, joys and full of sparkly adventures.