Narrow and winding, never a straight line!

Even while we may be on straight paths in our lives there will always surely be sudden changes up ahead. Your journey in life may not always be bringing you closer to your life goals. They may actually change quite drastically. In fact you may even find yourself back tracking and going into whole other directions.
Because we can’t predict how our lives will turn out or the direction of our journey,  living is in itself the path to spiritual wisdom.

Like in any natural trails, this path can lead to unexpected destinations.  The road to Love is only ever blocked when you believe your ego and allow her to take control and in turn make you expect straight narrow lines.

Obstacles, curiosity or health reasons like it was the case for me, may cause you to change your direction abruptly. There are so many forks as we travel life, that often may cause you to make significant decisions based on the counsel of your inner guide.
Simply learn to enjoy the adventure we were all born into.
When we look at nature, the beauty she reveals is unexpected. The winding paths through a forest are typically the most educating and enlightening ones.
The lesson is though that to avoid becoming attached to control and remain flexible as you continue on your journey.
If you are determined to achieve certain goals, you will achieve them. Sometimes they present themselves in another format than you’d had in mind, but we are never truly in control anyways, are we?!


1400 words and counting

Last night I spend time with myself, writing on my new book, allowing my mind to be free to find it’s path. I should clarify here a little. I wrote one book previously but for purely selfish reasons only published one single copy of it. This single copy is currently hanging out in my daughter’s room, as she’s decided to read it.

The book I am currently writing (though there is two in the works) is a second spiritual self-help book. I adore writing these. They teach me to return to love but also help me guide others to the same.

I wasn’t always a Spirit Junkie Student, and I wasn’t always able to return my thoughts so easily to love. Actually, I was quite the stressball before I found Gabrielle Bernstein, I was normally anxious and wound up unable to see good in day to day. I kept myself awake for hours late at night worrying about possible outcomes that, as you may guess, never occurred. Even now as I’ve cut down my income so I could focus on my health and myself a bit more, I am not stressing about the fact that we are running on a lower income. This route though tough at times, because I forget to see love at times, is beautiful, peaceful and a whole lot fuller of smiles than the alternative.

For the sake of this blog and my book I will refer to this energy as Love or Inner Guide. You can call it God, Goddess, Buddha or any other God of your Understanding.

In closing we all have this energy around us and it’s up to us to find it again, embrace it and trust that the Universe has the wheel.

A changed life

I’ve been called a lot of things in my almost thirty years on this planet, most often over the course of the last almost 13 years it’s been mom or auntie. Really I almost forgot that I had a real name for a while there. And all of a sudden it was time for change, time to leave the old behind, and truly embrace myself. Not just embrace who I ought to be according to society but who I truly am!

Let’s backtrack just a little bit though…. until about 6 months ago my life was a constant go, go, go. I planned every second of every day and if I didn’t do something for a few minutes I’d feel like I was slacking off and not accomplishing enough in my days. I worked three very solid jobs, all of which caused me to clock around 90 hours each week. I had no time for my loved ones and most of all I had no time to be with myself. Then something happened, and I got ill about 2 months ago (just a little less than). I’ve been plagued by Vertigo something awful and they are currently working on getting all that sorted out. I’m not telling you about me getting ill for pity or hoorahs I’m mentioning it because it was MY personal AHA moment. That moment were I realized that I’m not a workmachine or an indestructable superhero. I’m simply me and I truly need to start embracing the things that truly make me who I am. The things that make my heart sing, my eyes light up and make me sink into a peaceful meditative state without any stress or plan about the next 10 minutes ahead.

I am a writer, a woman who loves music in all it’s glorious forms and a woman who can drown in the pages in front of her before putting the pencil to the blank page, creating lines, landscapes and loving images. Or simply just letting the words flow freely from her heart, creating stories, poems or simply share a little bit of Spiritual wisdom as I go in written or spoken form, really depending on my circumstances. I hope that some of these thoughts, these musings as I create this beautiful Pixie life, touch you and maybe inspire you to drop the cell-phone, shut off your tablet and pick up your guitar or pencil and simply be with yourself for an hour or two without dinging and chiming of your phones interrupting your very precious YOU time.

Do you remember that person you were before society told you who to be? That careless, free spirited child. The one that had no hate, no judgement but only awe and wonder in her life?  I pray you find that person again, I pray you’ll forget your smart phone sometimes and simply spend time with yourself, finding your true self and embracing your journey as it was designed to be.

After all, we were never in control anyways, were we?

Love, Pixie xo